Wonder why someone would switch breeds? Read on for the rest of the story.

Here is a little about us and our Norwegian Fjord love story. While there are plenty of "official" websites as well as websites that have the official Norwegian Fjord history on them, we thought we would share our personal history, journey & the reasons why we choose the Norwegian Fjord horse for our family.

My (Corinne) first encounter with a Norwegian Fjord horse was 1996 when a customer brought one in to my work where I sold horse trailers. I was instantly captivated ... mesmerized by this amazing creature.

It had a quiet, calm demeanor that I had never seen before. Having been raised with Shetland & Welsh ponies, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Saddlebreds & yes, even the occasional Quarter Horse, this was a new temperament.

This horse was stunning to look at, different than anything I'd ever seen before. It had the distinct "Mohawk" styled mane and an interesting dun stripe that ran from it's forelock all the way to it's tail. "Yes," was the answer to my questioning if this how they normally look.


In addition, it's gorgeous, big, brown Golden Retriever eyes drew me in and I instantly KNEW that someday I would own one of these beauties.

Fast forward a few years & I started doing my research on the Norwegian Fjord horse over the internet - as little as there was to it back then. I quickly came to realize that, "hey, there aren't many of these around". After many years of research, I finally ended up finding two sweet mares both in foal, and brought them to the farm.

When they arrived I could not believe it - they were better than I had imagined. Let me back up a step... I had been dreaming of these horses for so many years, researched farms for at least a year and had created this "Wonder Horse" in my mind. Once they were on their way, the serious horsewoman in me was a little worried that I had created such high expectations that these horses would never be able to fulfill my image of them and I would be sorely disappointed.

WELL...everyday those first few weeks, I fell deeper in love with these mares and I continued to be more impressed with them each day. Was I just imagining this? No. Horse people from around the area came to see this unique breed & were impressed with their mild manners & easy going ways.

While waiting for my mares to foal I started to research stallions to breed my mare to. There was no way to not have a bunch of these running around in the pastures! What was it about us that thought, just like potato chips, you can't stop at just one.

During the waiting time, I found out about a spectacular stallion, and was once again in that shock & awe of such a stunning creature. And wait! He was for sale? I could not believe my luck! I jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime. He was truly a horse among horses. He NEVER ceased to amaze me at his capacity to truly love people. And no, it's not just me his mom saying that - people who meet him always, ALWAYS comment on his wonderful ways.

The rest, as they say, is history. We have truly come to find the "Fjord Secret" as some have called it. The Fjord community is truly gracious, kind & warm hearted. Anyone looking to buy a Norwegian Fjord horse will do well buying from a reputable breeder - I say this having our own stock to sell as well, so I hope the sincerity of that statement comes through.

We are proud to call ourselves Fjord owners & breeders. We hope that our farm continues to add to the Fjord horse community and that we have shared a little about us.



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