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Willows Edge Farm is a diversified, micro farm in Kuna, Idaho (just outside of Boise); meaning we do a whole lot with just a little. One of the goals of our farm is to teach others that yes, you can do it too! Maybe not the whole operation, but you can find something from our farm that you can do at home - whether you live downtown or further out in the rural areas.

While you are here, you will certainly fall in love with the majesty of the Norwegian Fjord horses at our farm.

If you've never met Norwegian Fjord horses before, be warned....They can become very addictive! Their warm, sweet personalities will charm you & their big, soft, puppy dog eyes will melt your heart. Check out our Fjord horse For Sale page to find the perfect one for you.

While much of our website is dedicated to our beloved horses, we offer so much more, including our Irish Dexter cattleTake a look to your left and see some of our other activities here at Willows Edge Farm.

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The priority of our farm is based in education. That looks different to our different visitors ... if you are looking to buy a Norwegian Fjord horse or if you are looking into local, sustainable farming or an educational camp for your kids for the summer. We are a small farm that loves to educate others in what we do - and learn more ourselves by visiting with some of the best in the farming world.

We are located in Kuna, Idaho ... just 10 minutes from the I-84 freeway in Meridian or S. Boise. The Boise airport is approximately 15-20 minutes from the farm.

Willows Edge Farm's story ... 

Thirty-some years of horses and finally, after a break from the horse world, my Norwegian Fjord dreams became reality...

You can read the rest of OUR STORY here.

We're constantly working on our farm as well as our website. We don't know if either will ever be done, because we are constantly learning new things that pertain to our farm and finding out about new products and services for the animals and those who love them and we want to pass this knowledge onto you. Bookmark our site & you'll see! We think we've got a lot of useful information for you here on our website. So, grab a cup of coffee, kick back & check us out. For your convenience, we do provide our phone number so you can call and talk to a real person. Want to keep in touch? 

Enjoy your time on our "cyber-farm",

Corinne Logan

the kids, Norwegian Fjord horses, and other animals of the farm

Willows Edge Farm
"Willows Edge Farm ~ Inspiring Dreams"

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