... is a diversified, micro farm in Kuna, Idaho (just outside of Boise); meaning we do a whole lot with just a little. One of the goals of our farm is to teach others that yes, you can do it too! Maybe not the whole operation, but you can find something from our farm that you can do at home - whether you live downtown or further out in the rural areas.

Whether you're looking for a Norwegian Fjord horse for sale or some of the best Boise birthday parties, the priority of our farm is based in education.  We are a small farm that loves to educate others in all that we do - and learn more ourselves by visiting with some of the best in the farming world.

So sit back and take a look at our photos as well as what we have going on around the farm.


We are adding a SUPER COOL, exciting adventure to the farm for 2020 ... Air B&B Farmstay! Come stay with us in our brand new farmhouse and breathe in a little farm air. Walk with the chickens and collect some eggs. See the horses. And cattle. Experience the goats. Love the farm life! 



5455 E Deer Flat Rd, Kuna, ID 83634, USA
By Appointment Only

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