Wooden Eggs

Wooden eggs are a great way to train your young hens - BEFORE they start laying - where they are supposed to lay their new eggs when the time comes.

wooden eggs

In the picture above, can you tell which of those is wood and which is real?

Wooden eggs are also a great preventative way to keep hens from eating eggs. Let's face it, home raised eggs are amazing - and expensive! Sure we could all go down to the store and buy "cheaper" ones, but if you've ever had those home raised eggs, you know that you are getting exactly what you pay for! I'll put up home raised eggs over grocery store "free range" and/or "organic" any day and I know you and I can both pick which is which.

But what happens if you have a hen who's already eating eggs? Boredom and curiosity are the two things that will have hens eating their eggs, so those are places to start. It may sound odd, but make sure your hens have something to entertain them during the day. Yes, good quality feed is important, but think about it. How exciting would it be for you to stand around all day with nothing to do but eat.

truly free range hens

We like to throw out a handful of scratch here and there. And really, throw it out so it makes them go and search for it. Keeping your hens finding new ground to explore helps as well. Find some unwanted pests on your tomatoes? Toss them to the chickens!

That's also where our fantastic eggs come in. Chickens are naturally curious. Those things that just appeared after they sat down and got back up are interesting. So, give them a sample one to sit on and peck at and while we certainly can't guarantee it, we've seen proven egg eaters peck at these eggs turn and never do it again.

For those of you with ducks, YES, these will work for you as well.

Our eggs are American made with solid wood.The eggs are $2.00 each and PRIORITY SHIPPING anywhere in the lower 48 is only $5.95 up to a dozen of our lovely eggs. Call or email if you are outside those areas or would like more than a dozen. Click the link below to buy your eggs today! Sorry, they are not returnable due to sanitary issues.

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