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We have quite the variety of things in our farm's virtual country store. It started as a few handmade goods from friends and neighbors and has grown to some of those rare finds that come along and are just what we are looking for. These are all finds that we ourselves love - fun, practical, decorative or whimsical. We do have a few other things in our store area that cannot be shipped - like some AMAZING culinary goods. Enjoy!

Rooster Wall Plaque

rooster plaque

What a handsome boy...we can only imagine that he has quite the loud crow early in the morning with his chest puffed out and that beak wide open!
This wall plaque/table top display measures 8" x 8" x 1" thick and has a French country style and color to it.
$6.95 each

Mini Egg Wreath

speckled mini egg wreath

Because our own chickens lay all five of the color of eggs that are laid by chickens naturally (yes, they really do lay 5!), we loved this sweet little wreath with a little raffia bow.
It measures approx 5" x 5" and has mini speckled eggs around two loops. You might find these at Easter, but being a farm, we love them year 'round.
$4.25 each

Lavender Harvest!

WA Lavender Farm sachet

Direct from the farm - our lavender crops have been bountiful! It has been hand harvested and together with other local lavenders we have some wonderful, fragrant sachets to offer for you. These are wonderful to tuck into your drawers, hang in closets, store them in your luggage and give as gifts. Don't forget to buy a couple extra for yourself! Flat rate shipping on up to 10 bags (of either size) for $3.95. Hurry - being a small farm, once they are gone, they are G-O-N-E until next year.

Small bag is 3" x 4" $3.95 each


Large bag is 4" x 5" $4.95 each


Norwegian Fjord Horse Artwork

Beautifully Hand Crafted Art Pieces
by Pat Wiles

This unique, very unusual original "Rock Art" watercolor painting is by nationally known equine artist, illustrator and horsewoman Pat Wiles. It is painted on handmade paper which contains a bit of Pat's Colorado home, Arnica, Mica and Ceremonial Sage which adds sparkle and texture and lends itself to the whimsical, rustic rock art motif. The painting is mounted on mat board and the outside edge measures 8" x 10", just right for that little spot that needs some Fjord horse art. Pat's paintings have appeared in galleries and museums in Paris, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

The ORIGINAL, hand crafted pieces below are only $19.95 + shipping of $3.50 (discounted for multiples, US only).
We have set up special Buy Now or Add to Cart links JUST BELOW your piece. You can click on it, it will take you to Paypal where you can pay for it there. (Clicking on the image will bring up a larger display).

5 Fjord Herd

2 Mares and Foals on Dk. Green

Momma and Baby on Green

Momma and Baby on green

2 Mares and Foals

2 Mares and Foals on Blue

The above are all original, one of a kind pieces. Don't wait to purchase your favorite or it may disappear forever!

Fjord Jewelry

Fjord Horse Pin

Fjord horse jewelry

This playful, creative take-off of a Fjord wearing
a parade bridle become a great art piece you can wear.
.925 pure Sterling Silver and measures 1 3/4" x 1 1/4".
Special Price of only $36.99 INCLUDES free shipping!

Give a special treat - why not let someone pick their own gifts ... we have a whole selection of additional gifts in our farm store - with a Willows Edge Farm gift certificate!

Gift Certificates

Thank you for visiting our farm store!

Are you a Fjord artist? Contact us to see how we can help you by taking care of the business end of your pieces. Please use the Contact Us link to provide us with more details and samples of your artwork.

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