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Sales Listing: We have changed how we take in our listings for Norwegian Fjord horses for sale. If you've used our service before, this is a little different, but please bear with us as this will surely prove to be a more valuable asset to all of us than you know.
Some tips:
SEND US YOUR PHOTOS! We cannot emphasis this enough! Ads without photos - on ANY website have less than a 10% chance of being seen. As of June, 2009 we not longer post the sales ads without them - so few people look at our page without photos, that we've cut that page.
Be honest in your sales - people want to know the good along with the bad. When someone calls and asks about your Fjord horse for sale, yes, you will give all the wonderful information about it, but if it has a bad habit, let the buyer know. It will save much heartache for all - including the horse - in the long run.
If your horse has special talents, tell the world about them. Does your mare regularly nurse other foals besides her own? Does your gelding walk up to be haltered? People won't ask about these things specifically, but they do show the character of your horse.

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