Party Options

Our Coffee Counter

Here is a list of our party options available at this time. More will surely come and we welcome your suggestions and ideas. Highlighted options can be clicked on for photos, colors, etc.

96oz. Coffee Carafe $7.95 per carafe
(includes creamer, sugars, cups, stirrers)
- regular or decaf
- cocoa $2. extra

Rosette style blue ribbon $5 each

WEF Princess Sash w/faux pearl pin $8. each

Willows Edge Farm T-shirts $10. each

Willows Edge Farm canvas tote bags (heavy duty 14" x 12" x 6") $19.95

Rent our cold beverage center ... includes 12 mason jar cups with colorful straws, large "honey pot" beverage dispenser, galvanized bucket & extra cups $15. rental (you bring ice & beverages)

Cowboy hat (with center star) $3.50 each

The Party Options list above, as well as the contract can be printed by clicking here. We want to help you make a successful party for your child ... one they as well as their friends will remember forever. Please let us know if there are things you would like to see us offer here on this page.

As we are a small farm, as well as being environmentally friendly, we ask that groups carpool whenever possible. We have room for approximately 13 vehicles in all.

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