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Our team at Willows Edge Farm, LLC is growing to meet the needs of our farm located outside of Boise, Idaho. Each of our team brings specific attributes that help us to create what you will see with each visit! You can meet the staff of Willows Edge Farm right here before you come out to the farm ...

Corinne Logan, Director of Fun Memories, Owner, General Manager & Instructor.

I love farm life! Including get my hands dirty and knowing how to use the shovel. The farm is one of my greatest joys in life and I love to be able to share it with other ... Willows Edge Farm was a dream that I had a long time ago and we've been growing ever since.

I was raised with a variety of horses & ponies as well as a few cows & chickens. I started training my first pony when I was about 7 and by the age of 10 had trained my ponies how to drive. I've enjoyed working with horses ever since. You can read more about my horse history at our Our Story page.

Besides the farm, I love gardening, teaching, traveling & studying our rare breeds.

Currently my instructing schedule is very limited.

The Barn Cats, Rodent Control

We would be remiss if we didn't introduce you to a vital part of our farm: The Barn Cats. They have been given various name, by various people so will come to almost anything.

These cats take their jobs seriously and can very frequently be found with something dead hanging from their mouths. They have done a great job with mice, voles and even gophers that we know of. They allow us to be more environmentally friendly by using a lot less bait on our farm (and only areas where the cats will never be able to get to it).


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