Irish Dexter Cattle For Sale

We currently have a number of Irish Dexter cattle for sale including weanling & yearling bull calves for sale $750-1100. Young heifers in the $1800 range. If you're looking for a proven, bred cow, we may have a few available in the fall. Prices will be $2800-$3500 confirmed in calf.

"Prospective "mini-cow" raisers will have to face one more—quite serious—problem, however: scarcity. There are only 500 or 600 Irish Dexters in the entire United States, so it can be danged hard to find an animal that's up for sale. Folks sometimes have to search for years to locate an owner who's willing to part with even one healthy, productive cow."

- Mother Earth New article on Irish Dexter cattle.

Irish Dexter cattle for sale ... Beef!

Dexter Beef - we have seasonally available, Irish Dexter beef. 

Our beef is 100% grass fed AND finished. No corn, grains or animal byproducts for our cows - or us. Neither have we used any growth hormones or steroid treatments. We love our cows and they are treated well and have happy lives.

Dexter beef by the 1/4 or 1/2 share is $6/lb which includes a high quality vacuum wrap and the butcher's fees. 

Contact us about weights and availability. Frequently Asked Questions below.

"The Dexters cattle highly efficient food wise (they need approx 1/2 acre - or 12-15 pounds of hay a day), they are also EASY calvers, allowing nature to be the cow's only assistant typically. Calves are approximately 45 pounds when born and like many other heritage breeds, they will continue to grow until they are 5-6 years old. They will continue to produce calves into their teens without problems."

Registered Irish Dexter Heifers Available: 

Beef Frequently Asked Questions 
Some great questions folks ask us. If you don't see your question, please drop us a note below. 

Is the beef organic, or close to it?

While we aren't certified organic - nor is the hay we use in the winter - we do as close as possible. The fields the cows graze & winter in have not had chemicals in 4 1/2 years. The hay we buy is from friends who use minimal to no chemicals ... you're welcome to come see too many weeds in my hay (and fields for that matter) for proof.  ;)  We had the UDSA rep come out and walk the fields with us and as we talked about things, she said we'd be considered "transitional".

Mostly pasture fed? 

Mostly pastured during spring - fall, although like this week, when we are watering the fields, we pull them off so they don't do more damage while the fields are wet. In these cases, we go back to our grass hay, as mentioned above. Winter is almost all hay.

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