If you're new to the breed, this is a great place to start!

Ever since I first laid eyes on the amazing Dexter cattle back in the early 1990's, I knew they would become part of our farm.

Small, but not miniature.

Hardy, not soft and prone to illness.

Gentle and sweet - much like our Norwegian Fjord horses - they have the temperament that we are always looking to add to our farm.

The native home of the Dexter is in the southern part of Ireland where they were bred by small land holders and roamed about the shelterless, mountainous districts in an almost wild state of nature. The first recorded knowledge of Dexters in the US is when more than 200 were imported between 1905 and 1915. In recent years there has been a worldwide surge of interest in Dexter cattle. They thrive in hot as well as cold climates and do well outdoors year round, needing only a windbreak, shelter and fresh water. 

Fertility is high and calves are dropped in the field without difficulty or assistance. They are a dual purpose breed, being raised for both meat and milk. Dexters are the perfect old fashioned family cow. Pound for pound, Dexters cost less to get to the table economically turning forage into rich milk and quality, lean meat. 

If you're looking for some of our beef, head over to our Grass Fed Beef page here. 


Not only are the Dexters cattle highly efficient food wise (they need approx 1/2 acre - or 12-15 pounds of hay a day), they are also EASY calvers, allowing nature to be the cow's only assistant typically. Calves are approximately 45 pounds when born and like many other heritage breeds, they will continue to grow until they are 5-6 years old.

The Irish Dexters come in three colors: black, red and dun. Some have horns, some are de-horned while others are polled (born without horns). The focus for Willows Edge Farm is breeding those elusive red, polled Irish Dexter cattle.

We regularly have an Irish Dexter calf or cow available. Please contact us today to find out what may be in your future. 



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