More About Our Little Farm

Corinne Logan

Hi & welcome to Willows Edge Farm! I'm Corinne Logan. Mom, webmaster, memory maker & day to day operations manager. I can't imagine doing anything else at this moment in time! I love to work on the farm, get my hands dirty in the garden, play with kids & the horses especially.

I was raised with Thoroughbreds, Arabian, Shetland and Welsh ponies as well as other equine friends. I started training my first pony when I was about 7 and by the ripe ol' age of 10 had trained my ponies how to drive. I've enjoyed working with horses ever since. You can read more about my horse history at our Our Story (About Us) page. Besides all of this, I love gardening. supporting other women in their journeys, reading a book now and then (or three) & learning more about our rare breeds on the farm & their genetics.

The Farm Kids...

Miss Chelsea

Chelsea & Kjor Tina - best buddies

Chelsea's Corinne's young adult daughter. She loves her horse, technology & hanging out with friends. It really depends on what day it is, how the planets are aligned, which of her friends are over, etc that she will tell you what she "really thinks" about farm moment, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and misses it desperately and the next day she loves living in the "city".

Dakota and Evan!

The Logan Boys

Dakota and Evan are our little characters! Evan follows big brother, Dakota, around almost everywhere. Big brother loves that - and ends up getting both of them into trouble. They really do love each other, and as a mom, it warms my heart to see them playing together!
Dakota loves soccer, electronics, building "rifles" out of scrap materials and chickens! Evan just is one of those happy kids. Loves everything! You can find the boys, almost any time of the year, either playing outside or with one of their electronic games.

Whether is playing in the shop or on a swing or digging in a pile of dirt or sand, these two stay B-U-S-Y!

The Farm

The first Willows Edge Farm had been in the Kirshner family since the late 1970's. Corinne purchased the property from her parents and it became a place were many gathered & found a quiet place to rest in the gardens, or socialize with the critters.

We have raised not only a variety of animals on the farm, but we've also helped to raise up a handful of high risk youth foster kids as well.

As we grew at exponential rates, we knew we needed to find more land with which to grow. At the same time, it had been on our hearts for some time to find a warmer, sunnier location. From Bothell, WA, we ended up moving to a small town just outside of Boise called Kuna, Idaho. We still have what is considered a "small" farm with just under 12 acres, but we do have more room to breathe. And explore. And share with others!

Our Family's Adventures

Two ways our family loves to vacation: go on cruises & go camping.
Polar opposites? Not as much as you might think. Corinne's grandpa, Paul Skinner, enjoyed going on cruises and started to take his entire family along before his passing in 2005. He instilled in us a method of keeping the family "all together" for a few days - just like camping!
We do love to go camping. We've camped around the great Pacific Northwest as well as Yellowstone, Glacier National Parks and an EIGHT month tour around the United States.

As our farm continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to do the camping trips we so love, as our "work season" is also big camping season - summer. 

Extended Family

Our extended family includes a bunch of entrepreneurs - instilled by parents who were motivated, successful & self employed. Here's our two cents worth on the family we love and what they love to do.

Kerri Kirshner: Corinne's sister. Truly a **STAR** in the Seattle photography arena and named Seattle Professional Photographer of the Year for 2012. Some of her works have been compared to Anne Geddes, the world famous, baby photographer! Her passion truly explodes through her work in photographing Special Needs Children and their families. 
You can see a sampling of Kerri's work at Acclaimed Photography .

Mark Kirshner: Corinne's brother. Being raised in real estate, it was in his blood. Mark is a top producer at his Windermere real estate office in Everett, WA.
You can find out more about Mark, his offerings and other details at his website Mark

Betty Lee Skinner: Corinne's great aunt. Published author who dedicated her life to being a missionary. You can find some of her works through the NavPress online site ( Also see The Navigators below. (1920-2013).

Companies & Organizations We Support

Like most, we feel called to give back and support those companies & people who are like minded and have goals we want to be able to help with. Below is a list of a few of the people/companies we support. Clicking on any of the links below will open a new window.

Focus On The Family - Great magazines and timely information. They offer helpful family advice, whether you are a teen, a single, or midlife and beyond. Practical & thought provoking.

The Navigators

PNFPG - Pacific Northwest Fjord Promotional Group. The PNFPG puts on two Norwegian Fjord horse shows through the year as well as other events. We are members & proud to help support this group.

NFHR - The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry. We are also members with the national group here. The NFHR does a great job with the Norwegian Fjord breed, its promotion & dedication to breed purity, among many other things.

Power to Change