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Welcome Back BSU Students!

Are you a potential farm volunteer...Are you feeling nature calling and want some interaction? There's nothing quite like the love and affection of a horse. Or the feel of fresh land between your fingers. Or the "farm smells" ... yes, some of us really do love those smells! We know farm life can be very therapeutic for some and for others, it's a way to learn about the animals in general.

Days & times vary by season, but Saturday mornings are always a great time to come out and help feed & clean!

If you love animals & farming, this is a great opportunity to get your school community service hours in. 

Some things volunteers do around the farm:

* Clean stalls
* Scrub tack
* Groom horses
* Clean the tack room & office
* Feed & water horses
* Care for chickens
* Helping with irrigation water
* Walk with the cows & check fencing
* Brush and/or wash horses & love on them
* Plus, some of the guys (and an occasional gal) have had fun using their muscles, doing building projects - we love it!

This is a great learning opportunity for those who are looking into/wanting a farm or animals of their own as well. Instead of investing thousands, give it a shot first and see if it's right for you. 

If you are interested in spending some time in the barn, drop us a note or heck, just give us a call - 208-779-0483. We'd love to talk with you more.

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