Farm Games

Farm Games! Who doesn't love a good game? Especially at a birthday party. Well, we have taken some old classics and tweaked and re-created some fun games!

Prizes in the Haystack

Just like "Needle in the Haystack", we've made this a fun game for all the kids with a prize for each to find in the big bale of hay. Normally, we will do this outside, but if it is raining, we will do it under cover at the END of the party (in consideration of those with allergies). This is the game for spectacular photo memories. You provide the prizes and the kids have a blast searching for treasures!

By far, our most popular farm game.


Feed Sack Races

We are recycling & reusing! We are taking our wonderful sacks that the animals feed comes in and re-using them for a re-creation of that classic, beloved game of "Potato Sack Race".

We offer this outdoors in the back pasture or in the arena. Year round? Heck, if you don't mind getting dirty, neither do we! We do limit this to certain times of the day in order to be respectful to those riding their horses in the arena. Please ask!

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