Elsie Rose

aka "Princess Elsie"

Norwegian Fjord Elsie Rose's amazing head She brings lineage from Grabb & multiples of Solvfast. Elsie has a beautifully refined head and the slightly drafty body type - truly a gorgeous combination.

She has wonderful zebra stripe markings on her legs as well as gorgeous ear tips. A lovely, compact head with well placed, dark eyes. She is known as PRINCESS Elsie around the farm. going through a trail course Elsie came to us at almost 9 years old & never had been ridden. Within 3 days of being here, we decided to try & put one of our sons on her. She sniffed around at his feet, and then walked around with him on her back. Nothing!

She's been working under saddle now and has been very easy to train.

2007: Elsie proved herself as a nurse mare, taking on a SECOND foal to nurse at the same time.

2008: Elsie Rose has now had professional driving training with the noted Fjord evaluator and driving trainer, Brian Jensen, as well as basic dressage/riding principals with Julie Pilon.Norwegian Fjord Elsie Rose - artist rear view Elsie must have remembered little Evan, because within days of her arriving back home again, she gave him a formal ride with her and performed like a horse ridden all her life.

2011/2012: Elsie steps up her game and proves that great things come in little packages by being a wonderful therapeutic riding horse. There is nothing this one can't do!

Norwegian Fjord horse Elsie Rose gives 4 year old Evan a quick ride around the ring