What You Need to Know

Did you know at one point in time, our federal government actually encouraged people to have a few backyard hens? It was during the war and was one way to teach people how to be self sufficient as well as using their kitchen scraps for goo. Oh, how far we've gone.

How long do chickens lay? Well, that's a great question! In the commercial world, they are typically culled at 2 years as they go into their fall molt (they loose their old feathers and re-grow new ones). After that age, productions slows down from an average of, say, 5-6 eggs a week or 4 or so. Not much of a difference for you and me, but for commercial egg producers, 1 egg times a few million is big buck$.

One of the other large difference that make "homestyle" eggs taste better is movement. We allow our hens to range around freely. While we do keep them in their pen a lot of the day, they have a large outdoor play pen they have 24/7 access to and get about 4-6 hours of free ranging time with the cows. This is unheard of in the commercial world as every extra step they take will mean more feed, which means less money. 



Why Raise Chickens?

* Chickens are natural pest control.
* They make great pets.
* Great at fertilizing your yard.
* Chickens  have more than 30 types of sounds they make. 
* Chickens have more bones in their neck than a giraffe. 
* It takes 25-26 hours to make an egg inside of a hen.
* There are more chickens on Earth than humans.
* Chickens have full color vision
* The average hen lays up to 275-300 eggs per year!



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