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Living the Dream

Our students are a very important part of our summer experience. If you have a love of horses and want to learn the operations of a real, working farm - what it really takes to make it all work - consider being an intern at Willows Edge Farm.

Intern life is always a mystery! Some days will be quiet, calm & relaxing while the next will be moving at the speed of light! You need to be prepared for anything - this is real life on the farm and we don't sugar coat it for you.

Willows Edge Farm located just outside Boise, Idaho, is a growing Norwegian Fjord horse & Irish Dexter cattle farm. (On 11 acres we care for Norwegian Fjord horses, Dexter cattle, many chickens as well as gardens and other farm animals). We have been studying and researching the Fjord horses & Dexter cattle for decades now and are very proud of what we have put together so far. We are serious about the breeds, yet love to have fun with our animals and our farm!



Our Student Learners Must:

* Be Hard Workers!

* Be adaptable
* Have good communication skills
* Have horse knowledge or a desire to learn
* Be good with animals
* Be good with kids
* Be available 4-5 days per week and commit to a minimum of 5 hours each day
* Be drug and smoke free
* Be responsible and capable of living without a cell phone/internet for a few hours
* Have a school, church or community recommendation or referral
* Have transportation daily (some live in opportunities exist for the right interns)

"Excellent learning experience, great way to explore a career in horses." Jacqui B, former Intern

Our learning begins in the summer and lasts a lifetime. During your time here, you will gain understanding and knowledge of basic horsemanship (or advance your current knowledge), breeding and health care. You will be learning training skills that will work with all ages of horses. You will also learn what it takes to make a farm run - both in time as well as expenses and all the not as fun things that have to be done to keep things running as well as finding opportunities to provide extra income for your farm. You'll also build friendships - we "adopt" our interns as family. 

You will also learn the little details that go into grooming the Norwegian Fjord horses for special parades, expos and other events with the opportunity to travel with us.

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You're asking yourself why we do this right?

You may be asking yourself why we do this. We find this to be a very beneficial partnership for everyone involved. Although we both - you and us - gain many, many benefits, just a couple are:
You will get to ride almost every day on the same horse (most days with instruction)! 
Interns learn very valuable critical thinking skills - learning to think "outside the box" - in farm business terms.  
You will learn new skills via our Farm Life Camp - both in farm learning as well as educating our next generation.
From time to time we have the need to bring people with us to events - or even here on the farm - and we want people who KNOW us and the horses. Our students become a valuable resource for the community.

What is the value of all of this hard work?
To calculate the value of your summer add up the following:
Horsemanship skills learned - WAY beyond any riding lessons?
Breeding and foaling skills?
Farm care knowledge?
Sales and business skills?
And so much more...
We feel what you will gain really is priceless. We don't know of any other farm that opens their doors the way we do, without charging astronomically for it.
If this sounds like this the opportunity you've been waiting for, wait no longer! We have a simple application for you to fill out below. We hope to have all the positions filled by April 1, but you can complete the application at any time. Preference will be given to those able to start early and be committed to the full summer.

For those with horse experience, please be prepared to provide a simple video showing some of your current knowledge. 

Our interns are a minimum age of 17.

If you are between 14-17, please contact us about our 
Leaders in Learning Program. We offer affordable, learning just for your age group!

Apply now or drop us a note below if you have more questions! We're here to support you!



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