Don't Be Fooled by "Grass Fed"! If you look it up, as of 1/12/16, the USDA no longer regulates these words. They can mean everything or nothing. Large growers use this term to describe their cattle, but will finish with grain for the last few weeks. 

Irish Dexter beef is naturally lean, tender & has amazing flavor.

Our cattle are never fed grain. Ever. Their bodies weren't meant to eat it, many people have allergies to them and so much of what's available is GMO - why would we do that? Our cattle are lovingly raised on grass pastures and supplemented with alfalfa hay when needed, mostly in the winter when the grass just isn't growing. 

We call this stuff better than organic! While our pastures are not "certified organic", we have not used anything on our pastures in 6 years now. Not even the approved organic chemicals! 

We have a few halves (and wholes) available as well as 100% whole cow ground.

Half & Whole - you tell the butcher exactly what you're interested in for your family. $4.50/lb whole, $5/lb half, hang weight.

Wholes should run around 300-350 lbs on hang weight. 

Whole cow ground is mostly what you think of ... we take ALL the parts - T-bones & tenderloins, filet mignon & roasts, everything and turn it into some of the best ground beef you've ever experienced! $8/lb in vaccume sealed packages of approx 1-1.5 lbs

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