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Farm Happenings
August 05, 2013
Good day farm friends!

Riding Lesson are Back!

Riding lessons are back at Willows Edge Farm and are in full swing! You can now schedule your lessons directly, online with our new online scheduler. Just click the image above or click here for more information about our lesson program.

Educational Farm Tours

We're up and running with our ever popular Farm Tours. Teachers can now register their classes up to 9 months in advance. Fall is certainly a great time to learn about harvest and see the foals & calves now that they are coming into "their own" and spring is a fun time to see all the new growth - from baby plants to baby animals.

Teachers & group leaders, contact us today to schedule your tour! More information on our Educational Farm Tours, click here.

Have You Met Our Team?

Since moving Willows Edge Farm to Idaho, it's no longer just Scott & Corinne running the farm. We have a great team that comes in to assist us with our much larger chores.

Come visit our team page to have an online meet & greet with Alyson, CJ & Jacki. All amazing people you're sure to meet when you come on out to the farm. Click here to meet the whole team now.

Parties on the Farm

Birthday Parties are back to the growing events list at Willows Edge Farm and we've already had our first events here at the farm. OH MY! We had forgotten just how fun they actually are - WOW!

Corporate parties, picnics and events are in the works - just give us a call or drop us an email. Check out more information on the birthdays at:

There is so much going on at the farm and this is just a quick update. We encourage you to stop by the website and see what we've added and let us know what you are missing! We appreciate your feedback - you're what has created the "magic" of Willows Edge Farm.

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Until the next update,

The Logan family & staff of Willows Edge Farm

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