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Updates from the New Farm
May 13, 2013
Good morning farm friends!


We are giddy with joy! Willows Sasja was the first of our five foals due on May 5th, 2013 then a week later, May 11th, little Willows Stefan arrived and we couldn't be more pleased. They are both keeping their momma's busy chasing after them. Sasja is a pretty grey dun filly with a typy little head, while Stefan is a white dun colt with legs that go for miles! And PERSONALITY +! Boy, oh boy, these two are entertainers already.

Our Idaho farm has been a work in progress to say the least! We've been busy doing repairs, watering (it's a strange thing to actually have to put water on the ground instead of letting it fall from the sky!), and building our farm, herd and staff.

We'll have more information in coming newsletters, but for now, you can check out our Irish Dexter cattle by clicking here.
And our Jacob sheep. Also known as the Jacob 4 horn sheep. Yes, those of you who know us, know these guys are exactly perfect for our farm! Here's a little more information about the rare, Jacob sheep.

Farm Life Camp comes to Idaho!

FARM LIFE CAMP '09It is that time of year again to sign up your kids for summer activities. We took a 2 year break while we moved the farm so you'll definitely want to sign up for this year's Farm Life Day Camp! We have only ONE week available - June 24-28th and the kids are going to be doing so much now that we have so much more to offer with the big farm!
Kids have a blast actually learning new things and working hard. We play with and learn about the animals on the farm here, ride horses, garden ...and so much more! Visit our website for more details on Farm Life Camp '13 OR just click on the photo of the chickens on the left.
riding lessons Willows Edge Farm

Parties on the Farm

We saw potential when we bought our little Idaho farm, we just didn't realize just how much elbow grease it was going to take!

We're finally ready and have added Birthday Parties back to the growing events list at Willows Edge Farm and have some already scheduled for this summer. Corporate parties, picnics and events are in the works! Check out more information at:

There is so much going on at the farm and this is just a quick update. We encourage you to stop by the website and see what we've added and let us know what you are missing. We appreciate your feedback - you're what has created the "magic" of Willows Edge Farm.

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Until the next update,

The Logan family, staff and new babies at Willows Edge Farm

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