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Quarterly Newsletter, Summer's Almost Over!
September 09, 2008
Hello all!

Summer season is quickly coming to a close and I can't believe time flew by that quickly!

Our summer here on the farm was filled with 30 some children who came and attended our first ever Farm Camp! That was so amazing - to see the little eyes of children light up with a "new" farm experience.

We also had four interns helping out, learning how to train and work with the Fjord horses. One ended up going to the PNFPG's Moses Lake show with us and she and her mare Mina, took 2nd place in the large halter class Mares 6 and Over!

If you know of someone looking for a fabulous Fjord mare, with exceptional beauty and conformation, take a look at Miss Mina (below as well as on our website).

Truly, she is one of those all around "family" Fjords that we are always looking for.

Moses Lake was kind of a last minute show for us. We were not planning on attending, but then Fair Acres Ole, our stallion, was invited to attend as the dinner entertainment: Vaulting on Fjords. Truly it was an amazing thing to watch, especially since he only had 4 practice rides before the show. He ended up 1st in Stallions 6 and Over Halter class and 5th in the Trail class. Ole has also been busy this summer. Both in closing out his first breeding season on the West coast as well as a carriage horse. You can see some lovely photos of him on our webpage:

Chelsea got her first taste of a horse show and although she didn't do as well as she wanted, she did have fun. A TRUE testament to the Norwegian Fjord people - very welcoming and encouraging.

We have been approached a few times this year to create a calender of our horses. While we know there are other Fjord calendars out there, we did think that offering a calendar of our own would make for a nice treat for those who worked so hard on the farm this year, as well as those who have been asking. We selected an group of 12 photos that we think help showcase the Norwegian Fjord horse and its versatility. We only ordered a very limited supply, so if you are interested ORDER EARLY!

We are also offering special Fjord artwork and have been contacted by a few new artists for inclusion onto our Fjord Artwork webpage. Stop by and take a look - we think you'll enjoy some creative art.

For this summer quarterly newsletter, we would like to thank each of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers as we continue to increase the size of our Fjord Farm.>)Norwegian Fjord horses

Very truly yours,

... and the kids (Dakota, Evan and Chelsea
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