Ole At The Track!

Have You Ever Seen A Norwegian Fjord On A Race Track?

Here are a couple pictures of Ole at the track. Ole was invited to be the Norwegian Fjord breed representative for Emerald Downs Breed Expo on Labor Day, 2007. Not the best photos in the world, but we wanted to share our day with you!

Ole at Emerald Downs Race Track with Dakota!

Here's Dakota (7) and Fair Acres Ole getting ready to go onto the track. In the background is one of the satelites that transmit the races live, all over the world.

Fair Acres Ole & Dakota Logan

Dakota's practicing his wave. He had just, hours earlier, cut his hand and ended up having 3 stitches put in. We weren't going to let him ride, but he assured us he would only wave with his injured hand.

Fair Acres Ole & Dakota Logan

Even Dakota is a little curious about the huge tractors coming up behind him to groom the track. Ole, in his wonderful way, didn't even bat an eye!

Ole at the track? Not in these photos...