Self Guided Farm Tour


Welcome to Willows Edge Farm! You are on your way to a fun, self guided walking tour of the farm.

A few housekeeping things ...

Watch where you step. Not only are there "land mines" from the animals occasionally, but on a very rare instance, you may see something sticking out of the ground that, frankly, just shouldn't be there. Please don't touch, but if you'd be so kind as to tell one of us, we'd GREATLY appreciate it.

Watch your fingers. Livestock don't see colors like you and I so a finger can very easily look like a treat to them. They also are a little more clumsy (is that the right word???) in their eating and if you give them a handful of grass, your hand may be part of the package deal. Easiest - please don't feed our animals without supervision.

Yelling & Running. These are two big no-no's on a farm. Especially around the animals. Most livestock are considered "prey" animals and when they see something - or someone - running, they assume the worst and can injure themselves, each other or even worse, us. Say no to yelling & running at the farm!

Don't Touch the Hot Wires! While this may be foreign to some, hot wires are used to help keep animals where they belong as well as "off" the fences. If you see single strands of wire (colored or metal), anywhere on any farm, you MUST assume they are on and have electricity running through them. We GUARANTEE it will hurt and a lot of adults will even cry (although it hurts, it won't do any permanent damage).

Lastly, as you'll see the signs posted around the farm, you are on a farm and by being here on our farm, you subject yourself to certain rules & laws from the state of Idaho, specifically:


 Under Idaho law, there are risks associated with agritourism, which could lead to injury or death. You are assuming these risks. Section 6-3004, Idaho Code.

As you travel around the farm, you'll see these signs with QR Codes to click with your smart phone


At the bottom of each page, there will be a link to take you directly to the next exhibit or back to your previous one (see below). If you're a rebel and you started in the middle, these links will get you moving all the way through the tour.

Lastly, we wish you and your group a safe visit around the farm. The words on the pages are mine (Corinne Logan) and were written as if you and I were having a conversation. A fun conversation. :) I love farm life and enjoy sharing with others. If you have any questions at all or are need of help, please find one of the farm crew and we'll be happy to assist you. We're often in our blue shirts.

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