Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding has so many benefits to people with so many different needs ... including emotional and physical extra needs.

While we do have the wonderful Norwegian Fjord horses that are so coveted by the riding centers, we do not have the equipment - or the many volunteers needed to offer most of the wonderful therapy lessons. YET.

So, as our own little way to help those out there who are looking for riding centers, we have compiled a list of ones we know of locally. If you know of another, PLEASE send us their information! While we understand there can be long waiting lists, there is no time like the present to get your name on those wait lists. If you have not experienced it, you will be amazed.

Ride For Joy, (208)365-0671
Swiftsure Ranch, (208)578-9111

~*~*~ Corinne does offer a very limited number of lessons that have been therapeutic for quite a few kids. While not intended as therapy, her easy going, laid back attitude along with understanding of the horse (as well as having a kid on the spectrum) has been a great joy to a number of parents who are just looking for time around the horses. Please note, Corinne is not licensed as a therapeutic instructor. ~*~*~

On a side note ... any folks out there wanting to start a new therapy riding center, we'd love to talk with you!

We need folks willing to put in the hard work of: finding insurance; finding qualified, licensed instructors & therapists; getting registered as a non-profit and finding financial backers.
We've got the facility & the horses - now we need YOU!