Snow Pictures 2008

Here are just a few of our photos from our "blizzard" of 2008. The snow is still falling and more is expected.
Are we in Wisconsin? Ole says, "Yah Sure!"

The Fjords out munching ... once again The birdbath is covered with 2 feet of snow Cherry Blossom tree branches New style of roofing insulation Our 6 horse trailer that is partially sheltered by the trees Scott's truck after a weekend of no driving! Where did my mini van go?

December 22, 2008
Truly, this winter snow storm has caught us off guard and we now know just a few of the supplies we need for the barn - just in case. Scott and I have a new found respect for those in the Mid-West and East coast who do this on an annual basis. We get snow, just never this much! Having been raised with horses from the age of 7, I totally understand hauling water when pipes freeze, but this is just beyond anything we have ever experienced before.
The homefront has been warm with plenty of baking and house guests - we have a family staying with us from all places - WISCONSIN! They said this reminds them a lot of home. Personally, I think they brought it with them :-)
May each of you have a blessed Christmas and a warm New Year!
Scott, Corinne, Chelsea, Dakota and Evan
Ole, Elsie, Mina, Lena, Sveena, Steren and Greta