We got into rabbits totally by accident as we occasionally take other peoples chickens and someone asked if we would take their "Easter bunny". Sure, why not? We have the room! So that began our un-official rescue start. We take in the occasional bunny as long as it is reasonably well mannered and give it a great home and do a lot of socializing with them. We will then typically re-home them to one of our students who has fallen in love with one of our sweet, little bunnies!

Willows Edge Farm


Meet Peanut ... she is a Holland Lop that came to us at about 8 weeks old. Peanut got her name because she was so small when she arrived and her previous owners called her "bunny".

She has become an un-official "barn mascot" as a lot of the kids HAVE to stop by and visit her before and often after a riding lesson. She races around her two story condo, showing off her moves. When she's in the right mood, she will let you pick her up cuddle with her.

Peanut Needs a Sponsor!

Help continue our education program by sponsoring Peanut or one of our other rabbits. Between regular feed, vet care, cages, etc. It costs about $ each month to keep a bunny. Neuter or spay run over $100 each - yes, more than a dog or cat! When added to the rest of our feed bill, as you can imagine, it all adds up. Sponsoring one of our rabbits will give you great satisfaction in knowing you help to educate the next generation. We will also send you periodic updates and photos of her. She is quite the character you know.

Emily & Johnny

bunnies on the farm Emily and Johnny came to us from one of our interns who was in rabbit 4-H for many years and they were two of her show stock. They are both Mini Rex's and although have the "mini" title in their breed name, they are both bigger than Peanut, the Holland Lop. They are wonderful ambassadors of their breed. Emily loves to be petted and Johnny loves to be held-very much a cuddler...what bunnies on the farm amazing bunnies! They are here to promote rabbits as companions as well as to live our their lives on the farm.

This is not a site to learn more about our "how to ..." with bunnies, but just an introduction to our farm's own little critters. If you know of some of those sites, or have information that you feel is important, feel free to drop us a note on our Contact Us page and we'll review for appropriate content. We are happy to pass along information.

Other Uses for Rabbits

While many Americans do not eat our beloved "Easter bunny", most of the world does. It is an affordable source of protein for many. Their fur, also called pelts, are also used to keep people warm in many third world (and modern) countries and are used in many clothing applications including coats and boots as well as blankets, so there is very little waste.
To be clear, our rabbits are pets. We have given them their "second chance" and try to educate people about rabbits with them. Return from Rabbits to the Home Page

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