Plants and Produce

For a small farm, we produce quite a bit of plants and produce off of our limited space. We are working on making our space more and more productive, all while using no chemical fertilizers. Just good old fashioned compost we create here on the farm from our animals. We take pride in what we grow - both for our family's own use as well as yours!

For guaranteed availability, please email or call us and let us know how much you would like of each.

2010 Edibles

We have a variety of plants and produce we are growing this year and are or will be available for purchase, including:

Lettuce - multiple varieties
Pumpkins - 2 varieties for carving or baking
Sugar Peas
Blue Lake Green Beans

and our Herbs include:
Lemon Sage
Nasturtiums - edible flowers
Italian (flat leaf) Parsley
Peppermint & Spearmint - delicious for summer teas!

Direct from the farm - our lavender is amazing! It has been hand harvested and together with other local lavenders we have some wonderful, fragrant sachets to offer for you. These WA Lavender Farm sachetare wonderful to tuck into your drawers, hang in closets and give as gifts. Don't forget to buy a couple extra for yourself! Flat rate shipping on up to 10 bags (of either size) for $3.95. If you want to order a combination of both sizes, please drop us a note and we'll re-calculate the correct shipping for you.

Small bag is 3" x 4" $2.95 each


Large bag is 4" x 5" $3.95 each



natural fertilizer One of our environmentally friendly gardening methods, begins with our not so pretty pond. Although it's a small, man-made pond, it provides an abundance of nutrition both for our fish, as well as our plants. People always ask, "Does something really live in there?" Yep! We have both Koi and goldfish living in there. Nicely we might add as well.

The fish feed off of the algae and other naturally occurring things in the little pond and their waste produces some of the best, all natural "organic" liquid fertilizers we've EVER used for our plants and produce.

In addition, our composting methods with our manures (from our animals) create the an amazing growing medium for our plants.

An added bonus that we have noticed over the years, is that is seems to strengthen our plants to be more disease resistant. We don't have issues with plant diseases or garden bugs...knock on wood!


gorgeous hostasAs a small garden grower, specializing in selected plant materials we have really come to love our hostas. They are beautiful and do well in so many locations, as you will notice around our farm. Our love of the hostas surely came from Scott's landscaping career. It was just one of those plants that went well in many locations, soil types and blended nicely with a variety of gardenscapes. We love how they have a variety of colors as well as flowers - truly a joy to walk past every morning as we head out to do our barn chores.

Our Specialty is Hostas.
Depending on the season, we have 3 to 4 top quality varieties available for purchase. Our plants are lush & gorgeous! Our 1 gallon container are similar in size to the 3 gallon container plants you would purchase at most of the home stores.

Hosta Pricing:
1 gallon $9.95
2 gallon $14.95

In addition to growing our own hostas (and many other green things around the farm), Scott Logan offers landscaping designs for your home gardens.
Over 20 years of professional landscaping knowledge and installations, he will help you to create a show piece or a sanctuary with designs that range from the simple, do-it-yourself to larger scale, complete installations.
And no matter what the design, Scott will make sure you get the right plants for your specific area. Landscape design with a healthy, natural twist. Return to HOME page from Plants and Produce

Plants and Produce