October 16 & 17, 2010 ~ 10am - 4pm Daily

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Open Barn at Willows Edge Farm

What is an "Open Barn" you ask? While most farms, especially horse farms, are VERY private and never open their doors to the public, we love to share and educate about our animals and life here on the farm. We open up our private farm - where we work and live - to the public and we get a chance to meet with wonderful people who love animals and farming as much as we do.

Oct. '10 Activities:
* Hay Maze
* Local, Fresh Corn
* Pony Rides+
* Pumpkins
* And More!

Some come to visit with the animals, others come to see how it's all done on such a small farm. We also do this so we can show our farm's transparency ... there are no "back rooms" or hidden products. Everything is out in the open and while we do have some messy corners here and there, we really do want to show how our animals and crops are cared for. And show that yes, you can do it too!We ask that you leave your pets at home and yes, we will be here rain or shine.

Parking: on site parking is limited to handicapped vehicles ... we have an additional parking lot just a 2 minute walk north of our farm.

Yes, the dates are a full weekend - Sat Oct 16th & Sun Oct 17th, from 10-4 daily.

Adult supervision is REQUIRED for children.


Unlike many farms that charge a per person or per vehicle fee, there is no charge to come out and visit during this very special, rare opportunity.
Wait! Don't worry ... we will have opportunities to spend your money though. We will have Scott's famous Hay Maze open for kids of all ages ($3. unlimited), we'll have PONY RIDES ($4. fundraiser for local 4H groups), U-Pick pumpkins, corn, lavender products, FOOD and a few other things that we think you'll LOVE!

As a privately owned farm, we do not get any government support or subsides (as some park/farms do) - therefore we ask that when you come on out you spend some money on those things you find of value to you.

We take months preparing for our Open Barn events and truly hope that you learn a lot while you are here from our educational displays. Please enjoy safely!
+ Pony rides are being offered on Sat from 10-3 by Get R Done Gamers and Sun from 11-3 by All Around Equestrians. Ticket sales will stop prior to 3pm.


Yep. There are rules ... unfortunately, we've had to add rules to our fun Open Barn Week.

*Leave your dogs/pets at home.
*This is a NO SMOKING FACILITY, meaning there is no smoking area anywhere on our property. Ditto for profanity, drugs and alcohol.
*Fair warning: this is a working farm - please wear appropriate footwear.
*Please, no running or yelling. This is very distracting and disturbing to "prey" animals (horses, chickens, rabbits, ducks...)
*Please be courteous to each other and the many small children that enjoy the farm.
*Lastly, please don't steal from the farm. At a prior Open Barn, someone decided they needed the farm's camera more than we did. We hope they are enjoying the camera we had purchased the month before.

We know some of these rules seem silly - they are for everyone's protection and safety though.
We also ask YOU, yes YOU, if you see someone doing something, please tell one of the farm staff. This is our private home and farm and we open it up to share part of our farm life with you. If we have people who continuously violate the rules, we will have to eliminate Open Barn events.

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Photos from prior Open Barns below...

Willows Edge Farm - Open Barn

little guy checking out where the baby chicks went to hide!
ERA volunteer walking Lena
Cute little girls sitting on the edge of a garden box waiting for their pony ride turn
My mom & sister - could not have done it without them Who am I kidding? I could not have done it without the help of 26 wonderful volunteers
Parking was crazy! Neighbors helped by opening their pasture for us Shauna with Mina and a sweet little girl (and her daddy helping)

I can only imagine that there were quite a few kids who looked like this after they left the farm...

Willows Skjønn Ti just could not take it any more! IT IS NAP TIME!!

Did you make it to one of our Open Barns? If so, we would love to have your feedback and if you have photos you would like to share we would absolutely love to see them as well. Fill out the Contact Us form and we will get back to you!