Nutritional Clinic for Horses

Monday, June 28th 11am - 1pm

Join us for a Nutritional Clinic for our horses. Ever wonder what kind of hay and grain you should really be equine nutritionfeeding? Do you know why you feed, what you feed, other than someone told you to?

Come out and join us for an informational luncheon (bring your sack lunch) with Harris Statema of LMF Feeds. LMF Feeds is a true, Northwest company based in Spokane, Washington. They only use grains grown in North America and their feed is used by top equine professionals.

I first recognized my need for something different when seeing my [Corinne's] mother's horses look so shiney and slick. When I inquired as to what they were feeding, the trainer said, "We use LMF Feeds and they get brushed a lot." Well, our own horses are brushed multiple times a day as well, but did not have the shine and luster I was looking at. We have transitioned over and are actually using less feed now and getting better performance and prettier coats.

We are not selling anything, nor do we receive any sort of commission on this - we want to help educate people so they will know why they are feeding, what they are feeding.


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