Kjor Mina NFHR# RDK-L-1714-M

"Miss Mina"

Norwegian Fjord Mina's headshot
After you've met Mina, all you can think about is just how sweet and loving she is. It is Fjords like Mina that are the reason people have more than one Fjord. Mina adores people but is very shy at the same time. She wants her space at first, but after a few moments warms up to be your new best friend.

Mina has a wonderful body with a height of 13.2 hands, as well as a very feminine head and at her first Fjord show in August, '08, took 2nd in the large "Mares 6 and Over" halter being judged by Wayne Hipsley.
Norwegian Fjord Mina
Bloodlines include Ask, King Harald and Sverre. Very refined for a drafty bodied Fjord.

Before coming to Willows Edge Farm, Mina was trained by the exceptional Fjord trainer, Pat Holland. Since her arrival, we have worked extensively with Miss Mina throwing all sorts of things at her and she passes tests with flying colors. We have been very impressed with her very light mouth and ease of collecting herself up.

We had always thought of her primarily as a "show horse". Well, once again we've been proved wrong! Mina went out on a trail ride with some of the other Fjords and was a stunner. Nothing seemed to phase her much...even the wooden bridge - you know, the one where the trolls live - finally became a safe thing to do. Mina giving us one more sample of her amazing dispostionNot her favorite, but she showed us again that if we ask, she will perform.

Mina has produced 3 foals, including Willows Jul Noel.

Norwegian Fjord Mina trotting

 Mina's eye photo by Jacqui Bayne