Kjor Greta NFHR# PDK-P-2153-M

"Greta the Great"

Meet Greta the Great. Greta with a studentOne of those fun Fjords that loves water. Throw an apple in the big water tub and watch her put her face in down to her eyes if she has to!

This mare has personality oozing from her seams - and is one of the most willing horses we have ever met. And with her finer sporty body, she willingly collects herself up and muscled up in no time.

Where do we start with the joys of Greta? One of the joys of Greta is that she doesn't seem to care who is riding her, what saddle is on her or which bit is in her mouth, she will continue to give willingly. She has a wonderfully easy way about her that makes people feel at ease around her. She has become a fun lesson pony for some of our more intermediate students and has beautiful dressage movement.


Greta and the Bridge

This little clip shows her easy going personality.