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We have many Norwegian Fjord horses for sale. Please bear with us...this page has MANY pictures and may take time to load.

Have you been looking for a new Fjord horse for your family?  We would like to help.

Even if we personally don't have the perfect Fjord horse for you, we know there's a Norwegian Fjord out there for you...that's why we offer for others to list their horses for sale below as well.

If you're anything like we are, we know we don't want a horse that's going to jump out of it's skin at the slightest breeze or freak out about a puddle of water that they may drown in. We want a quiet, civilized and well mannered horse...A Norwegian Fjord is a horse that will be gentle, loving & calm. One that will respectfully do what is asked of them.

OK, so now we need to add a disclosure...
Unless the horse below is owned by Willows Edge Farm, we don't know anything about them and there is not a guarantee of accuracy in the information -
we list exactly what the seller gives us.

Please - do your research before buying ANY horse.

List your Norwegian Fjord horse for sale here.

Fjord Horses For Sale

Thank you to those of you who have purchased your
Norwegian Fjord horses from Willows Edge Farm for 2014!

Willows Steinar - Gwen I, Oregon
Fair Acres Ole - Cady M, Minnesota
Willows Sasja - Wendy B, Montana
Majons Dancer - Peggy W, New York

white dun Norwegian Fjord stallion for sale
Norwegian Fjord stallion for sale. white dun color!

Willows Sven - white dun
Age: Yearling Stallion
Height: Should mature at 14.1-14.2
Weight: approx 400
Temperament Scale: 3
Sire: Runar fra Opdal
Dam: Carla vom Oderhoff
Trained in: Imprinted at birth, walks & trots by your side, loads, clips, stands for farrier, etc. Showmanship came naturally. :)
Location: Boise, ID
Price: $5,000.

A+++ personality!! Check him out being a shepherd:

Sven is a breathtaking, white dun stallion prospect who knows just who and what he is. His cadance has dressage written all over it, but he's got the personality to do anything you ask of him.

If you're looking for that all around Norwegian Fjord horse with some great color added as well - or that future amazing stallion for your advanced breeding program, Sven is your man! Dam was evaluated blue in 2013.

Sire is a grey dun imported from Norway and dam is a white dun who came from Germany.

Corinne or Scott Logan - Willows Edge Farm
Boise, Idaho
208-779-0483 MST

Carla vom Oderhaff - white dun
Age: 7
Height: 14.0
Weight: approx 900
Temperament Scale: 5
Sire: Solbjor Borken 
Dam: Cara v. Oderhaff
Trained in: Halter, beginning Dressage, lesson horse, broodmare.
Location: Boise, ID
Price: $8,900.

Carla received her Blue evaluation in 2013. She is a certain left brain extrovert who seriously, loves to stop when she sees a camera come out so you can get a good picture of her.  She also likes admiring herself in the arena mirrors!

Carla has been used as one of our lesson horses for our more advanced beginners. She is calm and steady for them and wants to learn more. Walk to canter, beautiful transitions, started over jumps (and she loves them!). Comfortable on trails & road safe. 

Has  lower level dressage training but is really ready for so much more than our program can offer her. She needs a human of her own that will continue to push her to excel - which is what she really wants to do!

Two in one combo: In foal for 2015 foal sired by Fair Acres Ole.

Corinne or Scott Logan - Willows Edge Farm

Boise, Idaho
208-779-0483 MST 

Age: 5
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Gelding
Height: 13 2"
Approximate Weight: 900
Temperment Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 4
Sire: By Crest Luke
Dam: Chapman Valley's Engtulla
Trained in: Eventing, hunter
Horses location: London, Ontario
Price: $8000
Norwegian Fjord Gelding for Sale 

Remlar is a 5 year old registered (CFHA) Norwegian Fjord gelding. Standing at 13h 2'. Remi is very well broke w/t/c, goes in a cute frame, leg yields, and is currently working on his lead changes. He has three correct gaits. Remi has competed last show season at the SOCTA horse trials finishing the Pre-Entry overall point champion. He has no cross country jumping or time faults and easily jumps around a 2ft 3' course with potential to move up. Always top three in dressage. Remi also has some limited Hunter ring experience. Remlar would be suitable as a low level eventing pony for a small adult or experienced youth or in the schooling level Hunter ring. Remi hacks along or in small group very well. Good for vet and farrier. Bathes, clips, and loads easily. Very easy keeper and is currently outside 24/7. Due to his age not suitable for average beginner or young child. 
 Lana VanPelt
 London, ON


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OFI Tordis (Beia)
Age: 2.5
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Mare
Height: 14
Approximate Weight: 900
Temperment Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 3
Sire: Tico
Dam: OH Braelyn
Trained in: Backed; started lightly under saddle
Horses location: Kennewick, WA
Price: Private treaty
Coming 3 yr old filly, currently 14h. Top performance prospect; stunning and fluid in all gaits. Super easy, loving Fjord nature but not a deadhead. No vices, no silly issues, 100% sound and sane. Will be lighted started this winter. Serious inquiries only, private treaty, possible lease. 
 Kennewick, WA


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Age: 12
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: MARE
Height: 14.3
Approximate Weight: 1120
Temperment Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 3
Sire: HCF Oliver HCF-L-1077-s
Dam: SF Suzanne SF-G-718-M 
Trained in: PA
Horses location: Columbia PA USA
Price: $3200
She is sweet, beautiful and loves attention.She can drive and ride western. Easy Loader and stands well for Farrier. Does not require shoes. Does not crib. I have had her for 8 years and I just don't ride her enough because of time constraints. Would make a great family horse.
 Jeanne Miller
 717 808 2056


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La Fina
Age: four years
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: mare
Height: 14
Approximate Weight: 800
Temperment Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 4
Sire: Orka
Dam: Luna 1
Trained in: english basic level
Horses location: Walton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Price: $9800
La Fina is one of our offspring. She is very feminine with outstanding markings and beautiful gaits. 
Definitely Dressage prospect and perfect to breed the best foals with a good stallion.
La Fina has Myrstein in her pedigree.

Inge Burr
Walton Nova Scotia, Canada


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JFF Aleksander
Age: 7
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: gelding
Height: 14.0
Approximate Weight: 900
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 2
Sire: BNF Ingwine
Dam: Vind 
Trained in: hunters/jumpers
Horses location: denver,CO
Price: 7500 firm
Alek Is a bombproof wonderful child safe pony. He had numerous championships in his championships in his first year out at the schooling shows and was very successful in the 2'3 hunters and 2'6- 2'9 jumpers at the rated shows. Super safe for any level of rider. No spook, buck, rear ever. Will cart around beginners, but fun enough for advanced riders. Has lead changes and shown up to 2'9. Video can be seen on youtube under JFF Aleksander. Also performs on the Rocky Mountain fjord dressage team and can be seen on Rocky Mountain Horse Expo 2013. Perfect angel sadly outgrown as owner needs a larger horse to move up on.

Your name: Ramona Zirn
City, State: Colorado
Country: United States
Home Phone: 303-332-2758


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Trinity's Baya
Age: weanling born June 4, 2013
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: White dun filly
Height: 12hh and growing
Approximate Weight: 350 lbs good bone
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 5
Sire: Bastian Vom Oderhaff imported white stallion
Dam: Lila C-G-2741-M
Trained in: professionally starting work...she leads and can be touched all over stands for hoof trim...stands with loose harness on...age appropriate training is underway
Horses location: Lumby B.C. Canada
Price: $4000
This is a very correct filly with good bone and superb conformation. Will be approx. 14-14:1hh by age 6. Baya has a kind eye and is very friendly. We expect her to become of intermediate build ready for carriage driving or riding dressage. Her ground work is just starting
Your name: TrinityFjords Brian & Ursula Jensen
City, State: Lumby B.C
Country: Canada
Home Phone: 250-547-6303
Business Phone:
E-Mail Address:


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Trinity's Baily
Age: foaled June 12 2013
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: white dun filly
Height: 12hh and growing
Approximate Weight: 350 lb with good bone
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 5
Sire: Bastian vom Oderhaff
Dam: Penfrydd's Rayetta
NFHR address:
Trained in: well started appropriate to age
Horses location: Lumby B.C. Canada
Price: $4000
Baily is a sweet filly and quick to learn and retain her teachings...she is being professionally started for a future as a driving and riding horse
Your name: Trinity Fjords Brian and Ursula Jensen
City, State: Lumby B.C
Country: Canada
Home Phone: 250-547-6303


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Trinity's Isabel  (Izzy)
Age: foaled July 4 2007
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: maiden mare
Height: 13:2hh
Approximate Weight: 850
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 8
Sire: Penfrydd's Raynor NFHR #PFJ814,S1G1, CLR 1689
Dam: Heljo's Kyrie Fra Kobar
Trained in: professionally trained in Driving, started in Riding
Horses location: Lumby B.C. Canada
Price: $8000
Izzy has been driving CDE competitively singles and pairs.with a gold medal at the B.C.Senior Games in 2013..she has a good motor and needs a driver who will take her where she needs to go...she is very athletic, willing and conformationally capable of a big future.. her sire was very athletic and holds the highest Evaluated scores S1G1.She has a very sweet and attentive nature always comes to visit (even leaving food to do so)
Your name: Ursula Jensen
City, State: Lumby B.C
Country: Canada
Home Phone: 1-250-547-6303


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Fjord gelding for sale
Fjord gelding for sale

Bjorn VI
Age: 13
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: gelding
Height: 14.1
Approximate Weight: 1100
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 4
Sire: Show Me Fjords Toby Tuf
Dam: Barnaduin's Vibeke
Trained in: english, western, jumping, dressage, eventing, started driving, trail
Horses location: Cabot, AR
Price: $8500
Benny is an awesome, all-around gelding with a huge heart of gold.  He is willing to do anything you ask of him and more.  Safe, sound and sane, he is an excellent trail horse and also a winner at many show venues.  Getting nice scores in dressage, clean rounds in stadium and XC.  He's ponied youngsters and helped round up goats from the back field.  Whether you want a great trail companion or to win in the show ring, he's your guy!  Only selling because I need a bigger horse to continue up the levels in eventing. 
Your name: Michelle Mace
City, State: Cabot, AR
Home Phone: 501-438-1165


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Age: 8
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Mare
Height: 14.1hh
Approximate Weight: 1200 pounds
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 4
Sire: ONALD H-940801
Trained in: English
Horses location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Price: 3500.00
Dise is an 8 year old brown dun fjord mare. She has done mostly flat work but started with some jumping last summer. She hacks out and has been ridden in the mountains.

Your name: Janet Row
City, State: Welling, AB
Country: Canada
Home Phone: 403 330 2318


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"Thanks for the great advertising you offer on your website. In the past 3 weeks I have had 6 people call about my gelding for sale. The first person that contacted me was seriously interested and we were finally able to coordinate our schedules. She bought Tally this weekend and he now has a great home in Oregon.
Thanks again and please mark SMF Talisman as "sold" when you have time. Marcia Pace, Ellensburg, WA"

Fjord for sale in North Carolina
Norwegian Fjords for sale

Peppertree Farm's Karolina King
Age: 10
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Stallion
Height: 14'1/2"
Approximate Weight: 1000
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 7
Sire: BDF Kanada King
Dam: Peppertree's Mia
Trained in: Dressage, Eventing, Driving
Horses location: Southern Pines, North Carolina
Price: $55,000.00

He is the highest scored evaluated Fjord in the NFHR, scoring 4 scores over 90 in performance. His dressage scores average between 67 and 75. He was awarded the top North Carolina bred Dressage Horse by the Warmblood Association of N.C. And he placed in all classes at the Regional Year End Shows. There were 400 horses entered and he was the only Fjord. King was entered in 3 eventing shows, 2 of them approved with international competition, and he won 2 out of the 3 classes, scoring 19 in dressage and jumping clear in stadium jumping and also on course, jumping clear and fast, and he is an advanced, very fancy driving pony. This Fjord has had fabulous training from the very beginning. He is extremely soft in the mouth, can be ridden with your little fingers, and he is very responsive to the leg. This horse has brought tremendous joy into my life, and I am looking forward to watching his career flourish even more with a new owner.
This horse is for that special person who wants to do it all and wants a horse that will carry her/him to the top. He is also an excellent breeding stallion. His semen was evaluated this spring with an excellent rating. King loads and trailers beautifully and loves to work, paying no attention to other horses when in the warmup rings. He also loves to trail ride. Video available for interested persons.
 Penny Stuckey
Southern Pines, North Carolina


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"Kjor Hagar has been sold. We sold him through your site. Thanks much. Though we miss him so much, he has a much more exciting life now. Mary Wood"

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Fjord for sale in Oregon

Paradise's Emily
Age: 19
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Mare
Height: 14.2
Approximate Weight: 1100
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 3
Sire: Rorik's Gunner
Dam: Olof's Christa
NFHR address:
Trained in: Riding and driving (single and pairs)
Horses location: Cottage Grove, OR
Price: $4,000
Wonderful mare! I really hate to have to sell her, but I cannot afford two horses at this time. Emily was used mostly for trail riding and recreational driving. Has been shown a few times, and has been in parades (Portland Rose Fest Parade!) She is safe for almost anyone to ride and drive. Prefers to drive without blinders. She's never been injured or ill - I've had her since she was 4. Excellent brood mare, no foaling problems. Has has 5 foals. She is easy to work with for shoeing, trimming, grooming, etc. loads and hauls great.
Your name: Amy Evers
City, State: Cottage Grove OR
Home Phone: 7606256193
Business Phone:
E-mail Address:


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Fjord for sale in North Carolina

Gretchen of Zion
Age: 1 yr 6 months
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Mare
Height: 13
Approximate Weight: 650
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 5
Sire: Ironwood Blitzen
Dam: OH Hanna
NFHR address:
Trained in: Leads/Ties
Horses location: Stony Point, NC
Price: $3,500
Gretchen is one of the more rare Fjord colors - a red dun. She has a very sweet, curious temperament and is a very fast learner. She is handled daily, has been bathed and clipped.Gretchen will make a great riding and driving mare and also has great bloodlines for breeding. Her sire, Ironwood Blitzen, is a beautiful stallion that is competing successfully in eventing. Her grand sires are Gjest and MVF Erlend, both very influential Fjord stallions. Price is firm to an approved home only, and will increase as Gretchen gets older and is handled more. More photos available at<BR>
Your name: Jessie Wiley
City, State: Stony Point, NC
Home Phone: 828-850-0070

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Fjord for sale in Maine

Age: 5
Mare/Stallion/Gelding: Mare
Height: 14.0
Approximate Weight: 1000
Temperament Scale 1=almost dead, 10=flying high: 3
Sire: Prydarson
Dam: Fjorgyn

Trained in: Eike has just been started under saddle. She is hacking out with a group and doing some flatwork.
Horses location: Houlton, Maine
Price: $8500

Eike is suitable for any discipline, especially dressage. She has a nice length of body that produces superior gaits and flexibility. She would also be suitable for breeding.
Your name: Jessica York
City, State: Houlton, Maine
Home Phone: 207 694 0765

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