Farm Life Camp lessons Registration

Welcome 2013 Farm Life Camp'rs!

Camp size is limited due to the busy nature of our farm, so early registration is recommended. No refunds for cancellations less than 60 days in advance. Cancellations prior to that will be refunded less a $100. cancellation fee. If for any reason, we are required to cancel a lesson, you will be entitled to a full refund. Due to our very small group size, we are unable to refund for sick children as well—-please consider sending a sibling or friend in their place (with a new registration form).

A sack lunch should be brought (snacks are provided, unless you wish to send your child with their own). PLEASE - Note any food allergies below in the medical/emergency information. Parents or guardians are asked to have their child arrive between 8:50 - 9am. They are asked to return to pick-up their camper at 3pm. Additional time before 8:50am or after 3pm is available and we ask that you book that ahead of time so that we can plan fun things during this time for your child as well. Additional care is $10. per hour/per child.


Serious injury may result from your/your childs participation in this activity. This Stable cannot guarantee your/your childs safety.

REGISTRATION OF RIDERS AND AGREEMENT PURPOSE - In consideration of the payment of a fee and the signing of this agreement, I, the parent or legal guardian thereof if a minor, do hereby agree to hire from THIS STABLE a horse, tack and equipment, personnel and riding area for the purpose of horseback riding today and on all future dates.

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Helmet rentals are included in the cost OR you can bring your own (MUST be Equestrian). See our LESSONS Web Page for a coupon for Olson Mills. Equestrian Helmet *I want to use the Stables Helmet
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When you click SUBMIT, we will automatically receive your registration. We will also automatically send you a copy of what you entered. IF you do not receive a copy - check the email address that you typed in above. If that is correct, the other place it may be is in the spam/junk folder. Since we use a second party to host our form, it gets re-routed and in our test mode, went to our own junk folder.

Registration will NOT hold your child's place for Farm Life Camp. If you have already submitted your payment, thank you. If not, please go to our Dates & Payment Page  and submit your payment through PayPal OR you can mail a check to the farm. Please label it "Farm Camp" along with your child's name and camp date.

Our mailing address is: Willows Edge Farm, LLC, 8095 S. Cloverdale Rd, Boise, ID 83709

You can print a list at:
Water bottle
Your child will need to bring along: Boots (they WILL get dirty) -
A. Rubber/water-proof boots (at least ankle high) - available at feed stores anywhere. and/or
B. Boots or hiking shoes with a 1/2"- 1" heel. No dress shoes, please.
Long pants are required to be able to ride the horse.
Change for vending/candy machines (if desired).
Treat for animals (if desired-carrots/apples/stale bread).