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Farm Design is a passion for Scott & Corinne. They work together in a tag team approach to create function as well as beauty in their surroundings. Farm design does not mean industrial by any means - especially when you bring in Scott and Corinne Logan for your designs.

Scott will work on helping you create a design that is visually pleasing as well as functional for your needs. Corinne will help assist you in keeping your budget in order. Whether you are looking for someone to come in and create a design or you want the entire system set up and installed, the Logans are the right team for your project.

For many, this also includes working on opportunities to make your small farm become your full time income. It can be done! No kidding around, it is hard work, but it will be the most fulfilling & incredible work you've ever done. Corinne will help you come up with unique ideas to bring in the extra money that will keep you at home, working your farm, loving life. Just as she does.

So much more than a normal household landscape job, Farm Design adds in secure fencing for each specific animal species, running water to specific areas for your herds, as well as choosing plants that are non toxic to your animals. We can also assist you in the next level of security with our information on video technology and how it can help protect your home and your animals.

Dream of having a nicer gardens? want an extra set of eyes to give you a fresh, professional opinions for your home business?
Do you need some inspiration?
Does your farm need a new look representing your personality, preferences and style?
Is your farm a reflection of the vision you have for it?
If not, you need Scott Logan's design help to create a plan that can be implemented over time or overnight.

For more information, contact Corinne for a preliminary interview. 425-770-0243 or fill out the form below.

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